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IT-Gehaltsrechner 2019

Was kannst Du in der IT-Branche verdienen? Und was verdienen die anderen?

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Wanna know how much is your value? Are you underpaid or overpaid?

Here you can calculate the predicted pre-tax annual salary by choosing the best fit for you of the following information. This salary calculator is a tool used mainly for IT talents in Germany and US, nevertheless it also provides a way to compare with those in other European countries and others.

By submitting “Calculate your salary”, three graphs will be shown for each occupation you chose, respectively. The Quartiles figure reports the range of expected gross wage that 25%, 50%, 75% of people with the same situations as you can get, with the red marking line indicating the mean wage. The frequency figure gives the corresponding frequencies of ten groups divided by the value of salary (i.e., how many inputs have salaries within this range). The last figure specifies the annual salary distribution of all inputs in which zoom in and out could be done by scrolling the mouse.

The performance of the estimation is based on the size of database. It is also possible for users to contribute their current annual wage to make the results more accurate and reliable, just by clicking “contribute to our database ”. All the information submitted by users will be kept confidential.

There are several other salary calculators available online for computer scientists. Compared with their tools, our calculator is more user friendly that one can compare different jobs and read the results easily from the graphs; more accurate since specified criteria is used to meet users’ situations; more reliable as it is founded on the basis of a huge dataset, and we are continuing to corporate more datasets/surveys/studies as well as users’ contributions into this tool in the future.

Two steps to get rid of outliers:

1.We set two thresholds for the minimum and maximum wage to exclude extreme data: 1000$, 1000, 000$.
2.Only wages ranging from the first quartile (Q1) to the third quartile (Q3) are shown on the webpage (graphs). Average is also calculated based on these data.

About the data:

The results of this salary calculator are based on the comprehensive survey that conducted at the beginning of 2018.
You can download the hole Database/Dataset here:


This database - Salary Calculator - is made available under the Open Database License (ODbL): Any
rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License:
The Dataset depends on the Public Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results, available under the Open Database License (ODbL) here:
You can download the complete data from the here.

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